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Pax3 Herbal Vaporizer at Heady Glass in Englewood, CO.

We supply only the best vaporizers on the market which include a huge diverse selection of vapes vape pens, vape parts, vape juice and more. With vaporizing being considered at least 95% safer than smoking and much less harmful than traditional tobacco cigarettes there is a reason this industry keeps growing. We carry a large selection of vape juice too!

Herbal Vapes and Liquid Vaporizers

Benefits of Vaping

Did you know vaporizing Tobacco eliminates approximately 95% of the smoke that is inhaled. It is considered the cleanest and healthiest way to smoke. Vaporizers work by heating the e-liquid enough where it does not burn, instead it begins to evaporate creating a rich vapor. This produces a smooth experience for its user. E-liquids generally consist of vegetable glycerin and/or propylene glycol. Many do not realize that vaping is tobacco-free and in some cases, nicotine-free. Come by and check out our diverse selection today!

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