We could'nt be happier to have the new lineup of flower vapes from Cloud V in stock. With prices of vapes going higher almost daily, these guys have been putting out quality products that go the opposite way down the price scale. 

A great example is their new TERRA Vape. With its portable, non cable restricted style and sleek looks, they have been a top seller already. Even better though, they come with a rubberized outer finish, 2 precise heat settings, long battery life and a 1-year warranty. When you hear all these features, you might be thinking its going to be $199, $249 or even more. Not even close.... try $99.99. Buy it online, and were going to give you FREE 2-3 day Priority S/H! 

But wait... theres more! No really...theres more. We also offer the PHANTOM Premium -- 3 precise heat settings, rugged outer finish, and 1-year warranty for only $299! Na, just playin.... $129.99. Oline orders $50 + get FREE Priority S/H, including these beauties. 

Summer is right around the corner, and nothing makes the warm weather more enjoyable than a portable vaporizer from Cloud Vapes. With no combustion, these are a true-vape system! That means your only receiving the active ingredient, while leaving the carcenegenic by-products behind. Start living healtheir by stoping in today, or clicking HERE to shop online.